The goal of any seedstock producer is for others to thrive with their genetics!

$Profit helps you achieve that.

To be successful in today’s cattle business, it takes a knowledge of stockmanship, genetics, nutrition, land management, meat science, math, science, risk management, business sense, and as lots of old cowmen would say, a little bit of luck. But, often times finding the perfect balance of this - all while running the day to day needs of your operation - can be challenging. And, let’s face it, the seedstock business is taking spreadsheets to the max. Most bull buyers don’t have the time to analyze pages and pages of data and footnotes when buying bulls. They want a trusted source they know will work for their environment, their cow herd, and their marketing.

That’s why $Profit becomes a game-changer for the seedstock operator.

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What is $Profit?

One Number Does It All

What does it take to be profitable in the cattle business? Is it pounds at weaning? Pounds at yearling? A high quality grade? A carcass that yields a lot of beef? Or, perhaps it’s feed efficiency? Shorter days on feed? Or, is profit determined by the ebbs and flows of the market? Some might even argue that the basis for a profitable calf is one that is born unassisted and stays healthy.

Those who’ve been in the ranching business a while will tell you it’s all of the above. But, juggling EPDs for these traits, studying market reports, or sorting and filtering through spreadsheets can often leave bull buyers puzzled, or moving down the path of single trait selection which often results in a wreck.

$Profit combines it all. In an easy to use fashion.

A trade secret, specifically developed by Leachman Cattle of Colorado, $Profit revolutionized the beef industry in _____ when LCoC created this unique, cutting edge data index that summed up all the important beef industry traits into one easy to use number.

Since then, this innovative idea of indexes has been adapted by several breed associations, individual producers, and more. $Profit is a combination of real world, actual data taken on ranches, combined into a statistical database that spans the beef world across multiple breeds and multiple continents, and packages the data into a statistically valid genetic prediction of profitability in your cattle operation. Down to the individual head level.

Historically, $Profit has been exclusively used by Leachman Cattle, however now, thanks to a strategic partnership with Zoetis, $Profit is available to all cattle producers worldwide. Let’s put $Profit to work in your herd!

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What Sets $Profit Apart?

Statistically Sound

$Profit is based on industry trade secret statistical models and correlations that accelerate genetic improvement and profit selection from birth to harvest.

Real World Ranching Data

The $Profit data set encompasses the world’s most expansive, multi-breed database focused on profit-driving factors in your breeding program.

Faster Genetic Improvement

Through our partnership with Zoetis HD50K, $Profit brings in the global leader in animal health’s expertise in genomic technologies to create value for ranchers.

Better Marketing

Make it easy for your customers to find the best animals for their needs, using one simple value that combines it all.

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$Profit is easy to use, and available to any outfit.

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